Brighton Talks Sex began as a spark of pleasurable inspiration one fresh morning …

As all sexy magical ideas do.

Two girls and two cups later …

There were two gorgeous hosts, each unique in their shining,

with the same strong passion to set Brighton on fire with a new sex education!



Our first Sex education is often shared within a sterile environment and lacks information on how we relate intimately with our own bodies, our own sexuality and each other.

We are bombarded with Sex that is glossy and over sensationalised in the film industry, and social media, setting scenes that feel unreachable …  impossible to recreate as our reality and lack depth.

Both of the above limit our sexual experiences in life and we at some point hunger for more …

Brighton Talks Sex holds the intention to shed a “light~ness” and sex education that is both grounded and REAL.

All of the guest speakers share not solely from expertise but from the authenticity and richness of their own felt life experiences,

opening doorways of possibilities to new, juicy and most importantly obtainable changes for everyone’s