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Michelle Roberton.  Specialising in sexual trauma & intimacy.  Brighton. photography by Susan Grace Hinman

Love & Sex … & the disconnect.

Michelle  shares with us, how often within our lives and relationships, sex and love can feel disconnected, for a variety of self preservation reasons or beliefs. She will gently guide us into how to meet the “disconnect” and how we may bring sex and love back into harmony.          

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sensual kink

An Introduction To Sensual Kink.

Selwyn Warren & Abi Denyer- Bewick have a light conversation with Michelle on what Sensual kink is and how they found themselves personally, exploring the world of kink.   Selwyn & Abi share with us how we can use kinky play to deepen in sensual connection with another. Opening opportunities for different types of touch which […]

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Julia Hancock

How To Get More Of What You Want …

Julia Hancock and Michelle Roberton share light conversation on the wheel of consent. How we may take these simple moments of agreement into our bedrooms, relationships and life beyond … Expanding our “yes to life”. Knowing our No and giving it voice, And honouring our moments of “needing to check in”. Explore more about Julia. […]

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Sue Sutherland

Sex parties For The Uninitiated.

Sex parties, play parties, orgies! Call them what you will.  It can be a daunting experience for everyone, even those who have been before. In this conversation Michelle Roberton and Sue Sutherland shed some light on what you can expect from a sex party, bust some of the myths and share top tips for making […]

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Becky Price.  Brighton Talks Sex.

The Art Of Receiving.

In this conversation Michelle Roberton explores with the lovely Becky Price what it is to receive. How we can create the conditions within ourselves and for our partners, to give us all the best chance to surrender to the sweetness of receiving.   Explore more about Becky.  

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