Jem Ayres Orgasmic Coach

Soft Cock Rocks.

The beautiful and bubbly Jem Ayres chats with a cheeky cuppa with Michelle of the precious yet overlooked benefits of soft cock. Erections are not just a male issue. Focusing on erection size and strength is so damaging to men, and relationships as a whole. Listen to why soft cock is honoured and praised in […]

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Laura Doe the y)niverstity

What Do You Call Yours?

Laura Doe is on a mission to change the world one vagina at a time!!!        Headmistress of the yOniversity and Michelle share enlightening and humorous chat for Vagina owners and all those that love them.

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Lucy Rowett.  Brighton Talks Sex

Is Porn The Real Problem.

We are in a porn panic. Open any magazine or discussion forum, and they will be screaming about the dangers of “porn addiction”. But is porn the real problem? Or is it a convenient (and salacious) scapegoat? We need to look at the facts and our own internal biases first. As a bonus to this […]

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