The talk I attended was inspiring, highly uplifting and fun. I learned many new things from the ‘sexperts’ and the questions answered. I also connected with the audience and made many new contacts with yoga teachers and tantric practitioners etc. I would highly recommend these talks to everyone who is willing to open up and learn new things about sexuality.



What a fabulous and much needed event that we had the greatest pleasure to be a part of last night! It was a little edgy and challenging standing in front of a crowd, in a pub, on a Tuesday night, and sharing in this way, and yet it was truly awesome to see all the smiles and body sensations rippling through the room as people GOT what we were sharing!

Many thanks and huge love to Michelle K Roberton and Jem Ayres for the invitation to shine our light on Brighton! And also huge appreciation for the magnificent folks of Brighton who turned up to Talk Sex



That was absolutely amazing, highly entertaining, and very educational. You’ll laugh here but I was brought up a Catholic and in my secondary school, I kid you not, we were taught Human Biology by a nun lol. She had a book, which she copied onto the blackboard, and boy were you in trouble if ever you asked a question lol. Thankfully even at that age we knew more about the subject than she was ever going to. Loved every minute of every aspect of last night,  and not to brag but thanks to a young lady I met there, we were able to put some of the things we learned into immediate practise!!!. Its eight thirty Wednesday night and I’ve just got home. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!!! I was beginning to think, that wouldn’t happen for me again as it had been so long, so thankyou. I strongly recommend your talks and your speakers.


My partner and I went along to the evening with no real expectations but thought it would make for a different evening out.
It was an evening full of fabulous speakers, who were experts in their field that give the audience plenty of tips and tricks.
We left the Brighton talk sex evening, educated, entertained and excited.
Definitely will go to another one of these evenings.


I went to a rather unusual event last week, called Brighton Talks Sex. It was organised by a lovely colourful bunch: a mix of people interested in and working with sexuality, ranging from sex coaches, tantra workers, psychosexual therapists, and sex educators, to sexological bodyworkers and sexologists. You name it, they were there!

The night was described as a sex education session for adults (with the strapline: “The sex education we never had at school!”) and within a single evening we managed to cover a wide range of juicy topics, including the usefulness of fantasy and porn; the benefits of slow mindful masturbation; tips on reaching orgasmic potential; how to love and play with a soft cock; and a demonstration of Shibari rope tying (an artistic form of Japanese bondage).

Not your average Tuesday night out, I think you’d agree!

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I really wanna say how brilliant it was to be able to discuss openly, as adults, sexual themes.
I speak in these terms every day, as an erotic writer and artist and Fetish photographer I really kinda have to, yet most of my immediate friends local to me, at work and otherwise just can’t be as frank or as focused on the real and the positive as I’d like.It’s fresh, it’s needed and it’s been a long time coming.   Thank you. xxx