Register As A Speaker

Thank you for your interest in speaking at Brighton Talks Sex.

This is an evening which aims to open up discussions which would elsewhere been seen as taboo.  Taking sex talk out of the dark and shining a big juicey light onto it.

Its important that this event is fully inclusive, free from shame and makes this kind of ‘sex education’ accessible for all.

We are looking for talks which are engaging, informative and sex positive, and speakers who are authentic, not just self-promoting.  You will however get chance at the end to share your how people can contact you and any business cards / leaflets you wish to pass about.

Each slot is 10 minutes with 5 mins of Q&A session afterwards.  You may be invited to be a headliner with a 15-20 minute timeslot.  We would let you know well in advance.

No one is paid for talking at this event, but you, your work and your talk will be advertised in the leading up to the event on our Facebook page.  Speakers are required to advertise the event on their social media and via their mailing lists also.

After the event you will also be invited to arrange a recording of your chosen topic as a podcast with Michelle. 

Spaces are limited each evening but we will be keeping all applications on file for future events.


Please fill out the application form below.