Your Evening Of Sexy Speakers.

Introducing Your Evening of Sex Experts & Speakers ~

          Jamie McCartney ~ The Great Wall Of Vagina.

Brighton’s very own Jamie McCartney shares with us the inspiration of The Great Wall of Vagina.

Made up of plaster casts of 400 volunteer’s vulvas, it is hailed as a game changer against cosmetic labia surgery and genital shaming.

Using sample casts, Jamie will explain why and how he made it, opening the topic for discussion and questions.

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Hanna Angell ~ The Truth About Sex After Birth.

For many women, the idea of making love after giving birth can be daunting, challenging and scary.
Often it can be the last thing on our minds.

Birthing has a huge impact on our emotional, mental and
physical wellbeing and then, exhausted, we have this tiny creature to care of before we’ve even
begun to recover.

Let alone have sex!
But what is sex after birth really like? Do women really loose their libido? Or does it simply
change? How do we heal and move forward? And how do our bodies respond? Each woman is
very different but there is one thing that reunites us all- talking about it!

In this real, practical and open talk, Hanna Angell shares her experience of rediscovering a new
sexuality after giving birth to her now 10 month old son and how to have an extremely healthy,
pleasurable and conscious sex life after babies!

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Becky Price ~  The Art of Receiving.  

“In my private practice I see both men and women, almost all of them tell me they take more pleasure from giving than receiving –  and I’m not surprised. Our society rewards the doing not being, it rewards good self-image and having the right response to any given situation.  Receiving pleasure is the polar opposite of this so leaves many of us uncomfortable and vulnerable. This talk explores what it is to receive and how we can create the conditions within ourselves and for our partners to give us all the best chance to surrender to the sweetness of receiving. “

Becky started exploring her own sexuality and tantra in 2003.  She teachers with Shakti Tantra and is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator.
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Eshana ~ Chocolate, Sex and My Cycle

 Eshana will be sharing how superfood chocolate enhanced the gifts of her cycle and added rocket fuel to her sex life.

Followed by an Enchanted Chocolate Meditation – inviting you to experience ‘Chocolate for a Goddess’ which connects heart, sex and third eye.

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Jem Ayres ~ “Orgasmic Yoga….its not about making shapes!”

Orgasmic Embodiment Coach Jem Ayres, will talk about Orgasmic Yoga and why its important to keep touching yourself. Masturbation is often seen as something you do if you’re single, desperate or in a sexually unsatisfying relationship. Bringing consciousness to our self-touch opens up new pathways to pleasure both for ourselves and any intimate relationship we may be in.
As usual Jem will bring her humour, props and top tips…so get ready for your homework!

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Michelle Roberton ~ The magical journey of Jade egg. 

Heard of vaginal kong fu?  And ping pong balls?
No, this is not what we will be sharing in this talk … although ping pong balls may get a quick cheeky mention.
 Michelle will be guiding us through the initiation  of Jade Egg and all the vast and fabulous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to this ancient women’s practice.