Your Evening Of Speakers.

Introducing Your Evening of Sex Experts & Speakers ~

Julia Hancock ~
“How to get more of what you want;  living life with passion, purpose and pleasure”.

Julia Hancock will share some words from her own experience of her    continuing journey into greater fulfilment and vitality.

Julia has run  workshops in Brighton since 2010 in various embodiment modalities and currently offers groups on The Wheel of Consent, conscious kink and regular dance nights in Brighton.

Julia also offers private sessions for
greater pleasure and empowerment for individuals and couples.

Reclaiming the Power & Innocence of our Sexuality~Lara Klein-barge.

Lara will be speaking about reclaiming the Power & Innocence of our Sensuality and Sexuality, unraveling the conditioning we receive from living in a hyper sexualised world. She beautifully facilitates a space to slow down and connect with ourselves, our bodies, and hearts, and discover our truth behind the layers of conditioning that have hidden our true sensual selves.

 Andrew ~ Sex Fasting.

How Conscious Celibacy can improve your relationships with  yourself and others.

Andrew is a mindfulness practitioner with five years experience in the area of addiction recovery.

In this talk he brings his personal experience of two years conscious celibacy as a powerful tool for
changing harmful relationship patterns and opening up to deeper forms of
intimacy and love.



Sue Sutherland ~Sex parties for the uninitiated!

Sex parties, play parties, orgies! Call them what you will.
It can be a daunting experience for everyone, even those who have been before.
Sue will shed some light on what you can expect from a sex party, bust some of the myths and stories we have around them, and share her top tips for making it a healthy experience for you.

Explore more about Sue.

Selwyn Warren & Abi Denyer- Bewick  ~ An Introduction to Sensual Kink.
We will be talking about the value of slowing down, communicating and
getting creative
Exploring how we can use kinky play to deepen in sensual connection with
another. Slowing down opens up opportunities for different types of
touch and helps us move out of habits and into deeper intimacy.

Jillana Ranicar-Breese ~ ‘Sex for One’

Sex storyteller Jillana will be reading one of her naughtier vignettes ~ ‘Sex for One’

Jilliana Ranicar-Breese used to deal in Erotica in Paris amongst other specialised themes. She would buy sepia postcards of Parisian ‘Ladies of the night’, as she called them, for her varied collection of vintage consumer advertising visuals.

Her vast collection became an established archive and eventually a commercial Nostalgia photo library called Retrograph Archive, flourishing throughout the late 80s and 90s in Notting Hill, London.

Her carefully chosen ‘ladies’ became sought after as sepia prints and book jackets to illustrate the covers of out-of-print erotic books.

Hence the origin of this vignette.



Jem Ayres ~ Erotic Health

Jem will talk about how and why we should want to look at our Erotic Health.
Our Eroticism is an important part of our overall wellbeing.
What turns us on?  What might we like to try?  And why aren’t we exploring it?
Healthy eroticism isn’t fixed and problem-free.  Its fluid and explorative and requires stepping outside of our comfort zone to try new things.
Jem talks about the ability to look at our sexual challenges, boredom or blindspots, and how overcoming them creatively, determines our erotic wellness.
Michelle Roberton ~ Sex & Love … and the disconnect.
Michelle shares with us, how often within our lives and relationships, sex and love can feel disconnected, for a variety of self preservation reasons or beliefs.
She will gently guide us into how to meet the “disconnect” and how we may bring sex and love back into harmony.