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Introducing Your hosts for the evening ~

Michelle Roberton is the inspiration and co~ host of Brighton Talks Sex.

Michelle has shared with her work with many, for 17 years, specialising in Sexual Trauma & Intimacy as a Tantric educator, body worker and counsellor for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

Her passion stems from her own journey of discovering the medicine in the poison as she set it upon herself to reclaim her body, her breath, her sexuality and sensuality and express that in new, life enriching ways.
Michelle very much believes that our mind can only take us so far into any release of body trauma and healing of our sexuality.  The discovery of who we authentically are is not hidden in our thoughts but in the sensuality and home of our body.
Her touch has been described by many as her gift to others.
Her gentle, authentically honest & calming approach,  a comforting breath of fresh air.
Michelle lives in the colourful, vibrant city of Brighton with her four superstar children.


Jem Ayres is the Co~host of Brighton Talks Sex.  Jem shares as an orgasm coach, Tantra Practitioner and Bodyworker who empowers and inspires groups and individuals through her methods of self-love and conscious healing.

In 2015 she was diagnosed with Advanced Melanoma, which had spread malignant tumours to her brain, lung and lymph nodes.  She set the intention to ‘glide’ through her terminal cancer focussing on full recovery against the odds. Her techniques included a plant-based diet, manifesting, tantra, pleasure, cannabis oil and full life detoxing.  Through her self-healing methods alongside traditional medicine she went from terminal to clear scans in 6 months.

She teaches and connects with people through her online coaching, public speaking, one2one bodywork sessions, workshops and retreats.

The techniques Jem teaches inspire a holistic look at our physical, mental and spiritual health, using full-life detoxing, but also working with mindset, self-belief, and manifesting. She works with those she coaches to look into the negative patterns and emotional root cause to dis-ease in our bodies and how to release it.
These techniques can be used to dissolve limiting beliefs, and to overcome challenges from all areas of life.
Jem works with people wishing to expand in their self-belief in all aspects of their lives, but health issues, cancer coaching and releasing fear has become her area of specialism.
She believes learning how to fuel your own Life force energy, can enhance all areas of life; health, work, relationships, money.  And ultimately leads us to joyful living.  She mentors clients to step through their limiting beliefs and fully live a vibrant existence in their bliss.

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